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Explanation of Pricing:

Lakewood Retreat is a 501-C3 religious non-profit organization.  Our pricing is based on our costs of operation devided by anticipated annual usage.  Costs are separated into six main categories.  1) Facility fee.  2) Lodging fees.  3) Meeting room fees.  4) Food service fees.  5) Staff assisted activities fees.  And 6) Additional services and resale purchases.  This price structure attempts to find a balance between simplicity and fairness.  Every group is different so costs are tailored to each group's plans and budget.

1) All attendees are charged the facility fee covering things like general staffing and upkeep, insurance, and other overhead expenses.  Think of it as a daily cost to enter a park or resort. 

2) Lodging fees are charged to overnight guests and cover the costs associated with maintaining and preparing the lodgings or camp sites.  Lodging prices are based on the amenity level and number of beds in each facility.  Camp site prices are based on the campground and bathhouse upkeep and services proviided with the site such as electric, water, and sewer connections.  Think of this as the nightly rental charge like at any campground, motel, or lodge.

3) The meeting room fee is waived to overnight lodging groups of 24 or more (for one meeting room; additional rooms may be requested).  For day groups or overnight groups with less than 24, or for additional space, the meeting room fee applies.  These fees cover the cost of maintaining and preparing the meeing space.  There is an additional cleaning charge for groups who choose to eat meals in the meeting room. Specific meeting rooms may be requested, but are not assigned until after the final count date for the event.

4) Food service fees are charged to those who choose to be served meals to cover the costs associated with maintaining the dining facility, food, and service.  Food is served cafeteria style and second helpings are welcome.  Think of this charge as a per meal charge like at any restaurant. 

5) The activities fee applies when scheduling a staffed activitiy like open kettle popcorn, a hayride, or low ropes challenge course for example.  Other activities provided at Lakewood are available for use at no extra charge, including: the pool, activities center, court and field games, canoeing etc.  This fee covers the cost of goods and services provided by our staff.

6) Addional services and purchases might include things like a roll-away bed, charcoal grill, video projector, snack, or item in the camp store for example.  A Snak Shak is available for group snack purchases with items ranging in price from $0.25 to $1.50 for snack items. 

Discounts and specials may apply so it is always best to contact our Registrar to receive a personalized estimate for your event.  We will be happy to send an estimate and answer any questions you may have. 

Price List  (<< click link to open)

Please note that prices are subject to change and that charges will be those in effect at the time of your event.   Price increases are based on rising costs of operation generally driven by inflationary factors.  It is safe to plan on a 3% increase at the turn of each calendar year.  Lakewood attempts to continually improve the facility and support the needs of our employees while offering the best value possible for our guests.   We hope that each guest will enjoy the extraordinary effort put forth by our board and staff to provide a special environment in which to celebrate and worship Jesus Christ.

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