Staff team

Our staff team is dedicated to providing a facility and the support needed for your ministry or family to come and focus on the Lord Jesus Christ in the beauty of His creation so that you may be renewed and grow in your faith.  

  • Executive Director

    Bryan Smith

  • Human Resource Director and accountant

    Rosie Francis

  • Facility manager

    Neil Stewart

  • Reception & Registration

    Lori Stanger, Kim Marko, Kaye Jonas

  • Food service co-supervisor

    Mary Stokes

  • food service co-supervisor

    Donia Brown

  • operations team

    Neil, Carl, Manny, Darrel

  • housekeeping

    Kim, Ashley, Cassie

  • food service team

    Mary, Donia, Pat, JaMia, Elizabeth, Cilla, Matthew, Cameron

  • Guest services team

    Darrel, Caleb