Future Plans

Our primary concern at Lakewood is to provide a quiet environment in a natural setting in which guests may come away from the busyness and pressure of modern life and experience Jesus Christ and Christian fellowship in a fresh way.  But, this does not mean that Lakewood has no plans for
new and exciting attractions.

We know that our guests want to see not only a well-kept facility, but they will also want to enjoy new and different activities from time to time. This is part of our God-given creative nature; to see things grow and improve.

Lakewood approaches this challenge from two perspectives:
First, by updating and maintaining our current facility to provide a clean and comfortable environment
Second, by planning and adding new features that will enhance excitement and effectiveness to the retreat experience

Future plans to Lakewood range from both small to large projects and short to long term.  The photos to the left help depict our vision for some of our future plans  Some of these plans include:
A large picnic pavilion in the activities area
A multipurpose gymnasium/auditorium for activities, seminars, concerts, and banquets
Zip lines, small and large
Upgrading the pool area to have more of a quiet oasis feel
A splash pad and a small water slide
A courtyard garden in front of the dining hall
Adding new challenge course games
Improving trails for biking and skating
A climbing wall
Expansion of Cedar Lodge
...and much more!

How will these things be accomplished? Most of our operating funds come from the rental of our facility. The more guests use Lakewood, the better Lakewood will be maintained and will be able to afford to tackle small projects while keeping prices affordable. Large projects, however, have been and will continue to be funded through the donations of time, material, and the finances of generous individuals and businesses who desire to bless God’s people in this unique hospitality ministry. It is the involvement of committed people like this who have transformed Lakewood from a swampy thicket to the facility we enjoy today.  Perhaps God is leading you to take a role in the future plans of Lakewood.  We welcome your involvement.