ideal for youth events

Our cabins are built in pairs with a breezeway between each pair. Each cabin has 12 bunk beds, and heat/air conditioning. Depending on the size of the group, these cabins are wonderfully flexible for youth events. Smaller groups can rent one pair and put the guys in one and the girls in the other. Larger groups may need two pair or more so that they can put the guys in one set and the girls in another. There are 8 cabins for a total of 96 beds in this category.

Towhee & warbler

Although these cabins are close to the shower house they come with their own restroom inside. Given a choice, most girls would prefer Towhee or Warbler to any of the other cabins for this feature alone.

bathhouse cabins

These cabins do not have an attached restroom. Blue Jay & Road Runner are accessed over a footbridge while Coot & Mallard and Redwing & Tanager are all just a short walk away from the bathhouse.  

the cabin bathhouse

There is a bathhouse located in the center of the cabin area for women and men with 4 warm water showers, 2 stalls, and 3 sinks. The bathhouse has a large circulating fan, tiled showers and floors, and is brightly lit.