Adopt-a-building -- or almost anything!

Lakewood’s Adopt-A-Building program is designed to be a win-win partnership between Lakewood and guests who want to enjoy a greater involvement and gain greater benefit from this ministry and resource. Each partnership is custom tailored to the needs and wishes of the guest in the amount of involvement shared and benefit received. We hope you consider a win-win partnership with us today.   


To encourage church and group connectedness and involvement with Lakewood Retreat

To help improve and maintain facilities

To provide a local opportunity for churches to promote mission team work and build church relationships

Although some of our projects may be a bit more involved, many just require doing a little sprucing up. Skills, job experience, interests and artistic ability of all sorts can be utilized to help improve, maintain or refurbish the facilities. 

Projects are not necessarily a building as the name implies...

Whether church group or family, we have projects of all sizes that will help make Lakewood look its very best for our many guests. Adopting a building and/or area is a great way to be involved in what God is doing at Lakewood. 


Lakewood designates buildings, areas, and equipment as adoptable properties.

Adoptable properties contain a basic list of needs and requirements for renovation and/or maintenance.

Inquirers will receive a full list of the opportunities and needs when requested along with adoption criteria and guidelines.  

Guest Benefits:

Adopt-A-Building volunteers may use the facility and lodge overnight during work sessions at no charge.

Adopt-A-Building volunteers may eat meals in the Dining Hall if it is scheduled to be open during the work session period. 

Adopt-A-Building groups are commended for their service by a plaque or sign at their project site, an article in the quarterly Lakewood newsletter, and a certificate of appreciation.

Volunteers learn and exercise new skills, enjoy fellowship, build relationships and gain a sense of lasting satisfaction while doing a valuable work.

Adoption Examples:

Motel: Cedar or Cypress (bldg or room)

Mini-Lodge: Oaks, Hillside Lodge, Hillside Apartment, Wren or Robin

Cabin: Towhee, Warbler, Coot, Mallard, Redwing, Tanager, Blue Jay or Roadrunner

Campground: Area A, B, C, Pavilion A, B

Meeting Room: Cypress, Cedar, Magnolia, Sweetbay, Southern or Pinecone

Activity: Sport area, Boathouse, Snak Shak, Pool

Grounds: Lakeside Chapel, Treehouse, Gazebo, Signs, Roads, Drainage, Tree Care

Other: Bathhouse, Dining Hall


Adoption may be for all, or a definable part of a building, area or equipment.

Responsibilities for labor, material and scheduling will be full discussed starting with the needs and expectations for the adoptable property.

Term of commitment is for one year and is renewable upon agreement of both parties. 

Scheduling of work must be arranged through the Front Office and Maintenance Dept. Work to be performed, as well as provision for any volunteer meals, lodging and activities, must not conflict with guest related activities and comfort. 

Volunteers shall check in at the front office upon arrival and must sign the Volunteer Waiver Form.

Volunteer groups will be responsible for their own discipline and safety while on site. Lakewood staff is available to give service, direction and assistance when needed.

Volunteers may eat in the dining hall when it is open, use the grounds during the day and may lodge overnight during the project with six (6) hours per day of work effort. 

Lakewood will affix a sign or plaque giving credit to the group that takes responsibility for the adoptable property. 

Please call, write or stop in for a visit today to discuss how the Adopt-A-Building program can be a win-win for your group.